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Without Consent There’s No Event!

Welcome to the Bureau of Erotic Discourse Camp! We’re happy you’ve chosen to participate in our mission to promote consent culture on the playa! We’d like to offer a few suggestions as well as share some requirements of camping with the B.E.D camp.

*REQUIREMENT* – B.E.D camp culture is rooted in the 11th Principle. As such, each camper must complete the B.E.Ducator Training course. 

Burning Man is a community unlike any other that arises out of the harsh Nevada desert. Simply existing in this space can be a challenge. It is important to arrive prepared, don’t be the helpless sparkle pony who relies on the kindness of others to live. The Burning Man Survival Guide is essential reading for every burner, even the veterans, as things change from year to year.

This year we are implementing a virgins and veterans program. If you are a virgin or a veteran and would like the opportunity to get to know your campmates a little better please let the Camp Culture team know during your welcome conversation.

There are three themed dress days at Burning Man, tutu Tuesday, white Wednesday and fishnet Friday.

Sunday, Aug 28th at 5 p.m. will be our welcome dinner followed by a meet your leads welcome party in the lounge at 6, a B.E.D talk at 7 and we’ll wrap up the evening with a B.E.D. lounge party 8 – 2 a.m.

In addition to a banging community space the B.E.D. camp provides a fully stocked kitchen with all of your cooking needs including: grill, stove, microwave, seasonings, oils, pots/pans, etc.

Volunteers have signed up for camp meals, if you’re interested in providing a meal please sign up here.  Providing a meal is a great way to participate in the camp community.

Allergens exist, sensitivities exist, and preferences exist. Take this into account when making meals and using the kitchen. If you have any allergies or sensitivities check with whoever is cooking to make sure the meal is safe for you.

Leave no Trace 

*REQUIREMENTS * As a burner, one of our main principles is leaving absolutely no trace behind whatsoever. See a hair on the playa? This is MOOP (Matter Out of Place)! This is not just a camp mandatory but a playa mandatory! We will provide you with MOOP bags to show you’re not some n00b of a sparkle pony that didn’t research the culture before getting here. We have scheduled a camp MOOP sweep each day at 12:00 p.m. If you’re wondering how to be a valuable part of the B.E.D. community. THIS is your opportunity! Please reach out to the camp LNT (Leave No Trace) Lead.  ALL CAMP MEMBERS must participate in the final MOOP Sweep Sunday 12:00 PM.

Consider MOOP while packing for Burning Man. Glitter is not allowed in BRC. Avoid swag such as sequins, beads, bindis, body gems, glued-on stuff, fake eyelashes, feathers, styrofoam, plastic bags, hay bales, anything that could blow away in the wind. Bring a reusable water bottle, coffee mug, eating utensils and dishes. Choose aluminum cans rather than glass. Aluminum may be recycled at center camp. Bring a metal tin for cigarette butts and ash, ash is considered MOOP. Remove as much packaging from your supplies as possible pre-burn. Be sure to securely tie down and cover your gear while traveling to BM. Fluid leaks from vehicles are a special kind of MOOP and will bring attention from the Black Rock Rangers or Earth Guardians. *REQUIREMENT* Finally, in the spirit of radical self reliance each camper must take a bag or two of trash on your way out. Remember do not dump trash in neighboring communities!

Looking for a way to participate? We need your help in practicing Leaving No Trace! Thank you for thinking green and keeping our perfect MOOP Map rating!

Your LNT Lead is:
Eric- Rubenstein
(858) 260-9221

If you’ve already signed up for a shift, please do so again. We’re getting more organized last minute like the real burners that we are.

A list of B.E.D. Camp jobs can be found here. Please sign up for a shift if you haven’t already.

If any questions arise, please feel free to ask any of the camp leads for clarification:                 

  • D Rae – Grand Muckety Muck of BED
  • Todd – Bedhead/Build Lead
  • Eric – Bedhead LNT Lead
  • Danger Kitten – Bedhead
  • Momo – Outreach Lead
  • Erin – Culture Lead
  • Forrest – Kitchen Manager
  • Cameron – N.O.A.H. Lead.


We have a great group of Burners this year and it’s going to be a fantastic week.

Safe Travels!

Get in BED (Volunteer)

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in joining our camp or just willing to help us out.